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Real-time thickness measurement systems for plastic bottles and containers.

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GP Resources, LLC (GPR), located in the metro Atlanta area, is proud to introduce its new on-line wall thickness measurement system for plastic bottles and containers, the WTS (Wall Thickness System). The WTS is installed on a conveyor downstream from the blow molding machine and it automatically measures the thickness of each produced container in multiple locations. The WTS system enables controlling the blow molding machine in real time since the thickness is displayed instantly as the container is being blown and measured. In addition to thickness analysis with its built-in charts the WTS system can also be set to automatically reject bottles that do not meet specified minimum thickness requirements.

The WTS is based on new ultra-high-speed optical imaging technology that offers great precision and resolution. The system's probes are typically mounted in pairs one on both sides of the conveyor. This approach enables single-sided measurement of individual walls, rather than combining or averaging two walls in a single thickness number.

Wall thickness is one of the most important properties in plastic bottles and containers and has to be measured and controlled properly. Material thickness directly affects containers' vetical resistance, pressure strength and CO2 barrier performance. The WTS system is an efficient tool for keeping those parameters under tight control. The system reduces the need for manual Quality Control checks and ensures that only bottles with acceptable thickness values are included in shipped lots. 100% thickness measurement also enables lightweighing of bottles and performs resulting in raw material savings; eliminates potential data entry errors in QC laboratory and makes it easier to generate production and quality reports.

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